What is a sacrament?

As we strive to walk with God in the example of Jesus Christ, we understand that living as a Christian is not always easy. How do you show the love, compassion, and generosity of God to a world that is too often trapped in love of self, fear, and greed. To help us along the journey, we believe God gave us various means of grace in which we can be fed and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. In The United Methodist Church, two of these means of grace are recognized as sacraments; Baptism and Holy Communion.


We believe when we take on a life that follows after the teachings of Christ, we leave our old life behind and begin a new life as a new creation in the power of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is the outward and visible sign of this inward transformation by which we invite Jesus into our life and commit to live as changed beings. We believe that the Holy Spirit works on us and in us within this act of faith.

Holy Communion

On the first Sunday of every month we celebrate Holy Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, the remembrance of the night in which Jesus gave himself up for us that we would have salvation. We practice an open Communion in The United Methodist Church. Everyone is welcome to participate. We believe that in this celebration we receive God’s grace by the Holy Spirit present in the meal, we are offered fellowship and invited to be active members in the body of Christ and the transformative work of the Church, we give thanks for God’s blessings in our lives, we commit ourselves as a “holy and living sacrifice” in Christian service to the world, and we look forward to that future when the transformative work of God in the world is complete with the full healing of the world and all God’s peoples.